Revenue Management System
 Delhi Jal Board       
Revenue Management System, Delhi Jal Board
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Application Form for Rain Water Harvesting
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RainWater Harvesting Site Address
Required Retention Capacity(in cum)
Roof Top Area(In Sq m) Paved/Pucca floor with non-pollution catchment area(In Sq m)
Total Plot Area(In Sq m)
Existing Retention Capacity(in cum)
Size of pit
Length(m)  Breadth(m)  Depth(m)  Total(cum) 
Details of RWH pit
Is Govt/Pvt
Other Parameters for RWH system
Bypass/Overflow system exist System is Functional
System is Adequate Proper conveyance system exists
Filter Media details
Aggregates 40 to 63 mm, size 0.5m thickness Charcoal/Activated carbon 0.1m thickness
Sand 1.5mm, 2mm, size 0.2m thickness Geo textile membrane
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